Daffodil Online University

Are you ready to release the negativity and live a more beautiful and fulfilling life?

Then get ready for Daffodil Online University (DO U)!

What is it in your life that seems to be going wrong? Perhaps your finances have never been able to get in order, you always end up sabotaging your relationships, or maybe you’re simply unhappy.

So you take a course on financial freedom, you visit a counselor, or you move to a new city expecting everything to get better.

But nothing works.

There’s an old saying that goes: “wherever you go, there you are.” It states that despite any changes you make to your life, nothing can ever actually get better unless you first change yourself. Basically, it makes sense that none of these band-aid solutions would be successful.

Why? Because you’ve completely missed the first step! Nothing you do can work until you’ve released the negativity holding you back and cleared out space for new, more positive things to enter.

Think about this: if you’ve got a mug filled with grease, you can’t just pour your iced skim latte over it and expect it to be okay. Even if you can fit some of that delicious latte in with the grease, it definitely won’t be good to consume. Same goes with your life… you could do everything good for yourself but that metaphorical “grease” is still taking up space.

First, you need to pour out the grease, clean out your mug, and THEN you can pour in that latte (the good stuff)!

In 8 short weeks, I will help you understand what it is that is holding you back, teach you to release the negativity, rewire your brain to focus on the positive, and live your life in the most beautiful and fulfilling way possible so you can just “DO U, boo.”

Through DO U, we will work together to accomplish all of this and more.

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